Unpacking Header Bidding Wrappers: A Comprehensive Guide

header bidding

Header bidding has revolutionized the way publishers optimize their ad inventory for revenue, but implementing it efficiently can be a complex task. This is where header bidding wrappers come into play. In this guide, we’ll give you some juicy details about header bidding wrappers, exploring what they are, the types available, their benefits, challenges, and […]

Header Bidding. The Core of Programmatic Advertising plainly explained

header bidding refinery academy post

You probably have repeatedly encountered the term ‘header bidding’ when reading articles on programmatic advertising, but you might still have this tingly feeling when you understand that you don’t entirely understand. We feel you! Our best Refinery89 experts are here to guide you through the tangle of header bidding and its implications. So, let’s get […]

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