Google Search: SGE unboxed

The Future of Google Search: SGE unboxed

SGE (Search Generative Experience) is a smart, user-friendly way to search for answers on Google. SGE offers a simple, intuitive form to get quick, clear answers so that users can easily find key information on a topic. Search results are gathered from the pages with high ranks in Page Trust, expertise and valuable, original content. SGE is the future of Google search.

Now, SGE is flying in a test mode and available only in the USA, India and Japan. But if you are a publisher, content creator or advertiser and want to enjoy the future of Google search first-hand, a good VPN solves the access problem.

The worries and polemic around this new tool are growing exponentially. Reposts of the first page’s future look are endless (so much for talking about original content!). But let’s not lose our sleep just yet. If you have been in business for quite a while like we were, you probably remember all the drastic changes Google implemented; for all that, organic search is still alive and kicking.

Surfing the wave, we decided to conduct our own research and share insights with our beloved community, unboxing this newest Google solution and its possible influence on publishers.


Organic Search and Organic Positioning in the Age of SGE


Let’s start from the most problematic point.

Organic search has always been about serving the most relevant content to the user. Since 2009, when the first rich snippets appeared, and SEO specialists started adjusting the content to rank higher, we have gotten to the point where the content is so optimized that often highly rated results are more about keywords used in the proper order than the information itself. No wonder we are in an endless rat race with Google, which has its interests as a business: to remain the search engine #1, to keep users on their page, and to provide the best content possible.

So, let’s step aside for a second and talk about those E-E-A-T criteria as they lay the foundation of SGE search results.


1. Experience 


Content Quality

Produce high-quality, well-researched, and original content. In other words, human-written content prevails. But in the era of ChatGPT, it’s a mission near to impossible not to use it. If you can’t fight it, master it. Focus your prompts for ChatGPT on search intent and the questions your audience might ask. If you know what your public wants to know, you are already on the half-way to the top.


Author Credentials

Showcase the qualifications or experience of content creators, especially for topics requiring expertise. Hire professionals – it’s not the moment to save money on content marketing.


User Engagement

Keep an eye on the engagement metrics. Highly engaging and interactive content can indirectly influence your expertise metrics.



2. Expertise


Be clear

Express yourself clearly, briefly and to the point. Don’t produce discombobulating (and this means just good, old “confusing”) Victorian phrases, but demonstrate your expertise in short, concise sentences.


Provide data-based expertise

Check and double-check each fact and piece of information you issue.


First-hand experience

Of course, one can’t have a first experience in 100 areas, but you’ll get there by interviewing professionals and minding those points above.



3. Authoritativeness



Network, network and then network a little bit more. Partner up with associations and industry leaders and rub elbows with important speakers. Nobody can win this war alone.


Cite Sources

Always credit and link to authoritative sources when making claims or citing data; this will also help with backlinks.


Cherish and boost your reputation

Encourage reviews and testimonials: being cited or mentioned by well-known industry experts will most definitely help you to score high.



4. Trustworthiness.


Secure Your Site.

Use HTTPS, which indicates that the website is encrypted and more secure for user data.


Transparent Practices.

Be transparent about your business practices: display contact information, customer service options, clear conditions of service or products, refunding etc.


Privacy Policies.

Have clear privacy policies and terms of service, ensuring that user data is protected.


Handle Advertisements Carefully.

Ensure your ad format and size are not intrusive or overshadowing the main content. Use the best programmatic solutions for publishers to ensure your ad’s results and improve your ranking. Reach out, and we will help you to find an optimal mix.

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