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Ad Monetization Solutions: 9 Key Aspects to Look For in a Partner

Finding the perfect Ad Monetization solution and partner to monetize your website is essential.

Think of it as choosing the right teammate who will help your revenue reach new heights. Pick the wrong one, and you won’t unlock your full potential – or worse! 😱

Are you currently choosing the best Ad Monetization partner? Discover 9 essential aspects publishers should consider.

Tired of countless emails from providers promising increased ad revenue? Wondering if you can trust them, or if they’ll harm your site? No need to stress, you’re not in this alone. Let us guide you through the 9 key aspects to consider when choosing an ad monetization partner:


1. Trustworthiness

You need a partner with experience, a remarkable reputation, and results that speak for themselves. To make sure you’re teaming up with the best, look for:

  • Proven track record: How long have they been on the market? Have they worked with multiple websites? Got any experience managing categories like the ones on your site? Do they have evidence of a success story? Or they are just selling you a dream. You need an expert, not a bullsh**tter.

  • A Google Certified Publisher partner: a true partner should be recognized as such, specially from giants like Google! If they own a Certification from Google you can rest assured they are experts in increasing publisher’s revene and have adherence to best practices.

  • Expert team: Make sure your next partner is formed by the best Pub Success Managers and AdOps from the industry. For starters, avoid a partner who don’t offer you a dedicated account manager or skips direct contact through “Help Centers” and chatbots (total red flag!🚩). Also, do a little detective work and look for reviews about their support services on platforms like Trustpilot, Google My Business, Capterra or Reddit.


2. Transparency

While this might seem like a basic requirement from your partner, be cautious not to fall victim to fraud, lack of access to data, and losing control over your website. Make sure:

  • You can see data though a clear Dashboard: There is no reason you shouldn’t get a thorough breakdown of exactly what is happening with your ad inventory. Your partner should share a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to monitor performance metrics and gain insights.

  • You maintain control over your website: you should be able to retain control over your website while leveraging the Ad monetizatoin solution. Opt for a partner that offers customizable ad formats and placements, allowing you to control the level of ad intrusiveness and optimize user satisfaction. Remember, you always have the right to have a say in changes to your layout!


3. Personal Support

This aspect can make a HUGE difference in your experience with an Ad Monetization provider. Look for a partner that:

  • Speaks your language: Communication is crucial, and having support in your preferred language ensures clarity and effectiveness. For example, our team consists of members from +20 countries and uses +10 languages, happy to assist you since day one.

  • Available when you need it: 24/7 support means you’re never alone with tech troubles or doubts you may have. Need a hand? Your provider should be just a call or click away, ready to help in a blink of an eye! A few of them even have their own plugin as an extra way to assist you -how cool is that?

  • Know your personal needs: Tailored assistance that understands your specific business requirements can offer more relevant and impactful solutions. Refinery89’s Single Tag Ad Monetization solution was built by publishers for publishers, always putting your interest first.


4. Real Ability to Optimize Revenue

Is a core function of any Ad Monetization solution:

  • Inventory Management: Effective management of ad inventory can maximize fill rates and income. This means putting ads in the best spots to grab people’s attention without overwhelming your users.

  • Fluency in Multiple Ad Formats: You can benefit from a monetization partner that offers different types of ads by increasing and improving the way you earn money from advertisements, making sure the ads match your website’s content and audience, and providing a better experience for your users with less annoying ads.

  • Revenue Optimization: Continuous monitoring and adjustments based on performance data are crucial to maximizing revenue. The ideal partner conducts A/B testing of different ad placements, experiments with different ad networks, adjusts pricing floors, and optimizes for viewability and click-through rates.


5. Manages Multiple SSPs

Having access to a wide range of Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) increases the potential for revenue.

This is a simple equation: More SSPs = more cash! Just relying on Google AdSense? That’s leaving money on the table. Diversifying partners boosts competition, drives up prices for the same ad space, and maximizes revenue as a result.

Your ad monetization partner should work with different SSPs, some specialized in your niche, or use solutions like Prebid. (Are you thinking about DIY installation of Prebid? Total headache! Leave it to your ad management hero!)


6. Easy Technology Implementation

  • Painless onboarding, please: The publisher onboarding process varies in duration, typically ranging from a few days to 1-4 weeks, depending on platform complexity and communication delays. But with a smarter technology and a stellar support team, you’ll be runinng ads in no time!
    When dealing with complex platforms, the onboarding process can be time-consuming and carry unwanted technical risks like compatibility issues with existing systems, data integrity challenges, and the need to comply to industry standard.
    But fear not! There are simple, advanced and innovative solutions such as Single Tag that can get you started with just one line of code in the same day and comes with an integrated CMP as a bonus! No space for headeaches.

  • No techy knowledge required: You’re a genius at generating content, but lack technical skills? Don’t let that stand in the way of monetizing your content with ads! Your partner should be able to handle everything smoothly for you, so you don’t have to mess with your website’s code and risk saying goodbye to it.


7. Prioritizes user experience

An Ad monetization solution should avoid making interruptions or generate advertisements that harm the user experience on your site.

For example, intrusive pop-ups, excessive ad placements, slow page load times, and poor mobile optimization can all interfere with user experience.

As for the technology behind Single Tag’s functions, it has a low weight and does not interfere with the functioning of your site, maintaining a fast and seamless experience for the user.


8. Advise on website performance

Staying in the loop with the latest SEO updates or knowing what can be improved in your website can help you stay ahead of the curve:

  • SEO audit: only a few partners offer SEO audits to ensure your site remains optimized for search engines, improving traffic and revenue potential. Our publishers can get SEO reports from our team at any time!

  • Core web vitals evaluation: best partners go beyond and advise on how to improve your site’s core web vitals to meet Google’s standards for user experience, which can improve search result rankings and keeps visitors happy.

  • Educational resources: If your partner is a team of passionate pros compromized to make you succed, they will also give you access to webinars, whitepapers, articles, news, and the latest trends in monetization solutions, web performance, SEO updates and more!


9. Meets Industry Regulations

Compliance with industry regulations is non-negotiable. With numerous regulations in place, how can you be sure your next partner is meeting them?

Examine all the evidence they have that demonstrates their commitment to respecting user privacy: Do they offer a Consent Management Platform (CMP) to comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations? Are they affiliated with organizations like the IAB or registered vendors of the Transparency and Consent Framework v2.2 (TCF)? Are they Google Certified Publishing Partners?


Ready to monetize better? Connect with the best Ad Monetization Partner!

Hey! Now that you understand what you should be in the look out for when you search for an Ad Monetization partner, wouldn´t it be just great if we point you towards one that actually complies with all 9 aspects?

Yes, you are right, we at Refinery do, So look no further and ask for a Demo today!

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