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Third-party cookies cancellation: so, what do we do now? Free webinar

We promised a new webinar is coming, and here it comes!

With great pleasure and content, we pronounce the registration for our next free webinar about third-party cookies together with open.

Third-party cookies cancellation: so, what do we do now?

The third-party cookies will be blocked in 2024 by the major browsers, and this will significantly affect the advertising industry. Third-party cookies raised concerns long ago. And people are growing every year more worried about the usage of their personal data shared online. Read more about cookies 
Now, when the cancelation is a reality, advertisers all over the digital industry are looking for ways to collect first-party data. To analyze our options and look for the best option to work with users’ data we partnered up with the best. Company with a world-recognized reputation in the field

Our keynote speaker is a well-known expert in various privacy laws and regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD, and he is the CEO of Jan Winkler


On the 5th of December at 11.00 (GMT+1) Jan is going to share his extensive expertise on the matter and cover some crucial concerns:

🧗‍♂️ Business challenges for publishers does third-party cookies demise translate into,

📅 How should publishers leverage first-party data to face these challenges,

😯 What opportunities can publishers use to understand their users better on the basis of the first-party data,

🔏 Privacy concerns: are users’ worries about the data collection real? Or it’s a mountain out of the mole?

🆘 What can publishers do to optimize yield post-third-party cookies?

Don’t miss a bit!

Register 👇, and leave all your worries about third-party data behind.

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