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Single Tag: 3 things you didn´t know but you would like to.

Now, you, dear reader, will think: “Jeez, one more boring article about ad tech solutions, and I haven’t even had a coffee yet!” Well, if you are a Refinery89 publisher, just stop reading right here and go on with your day because Single Tag’s force is with you.

However, if you are not with us yet, you might find an ad inventory optimization solution that will make you put your thinking cap on and consider talking to us. Listen to your intuition!

So, here we go.

Let us introduce our very own revolutionary, award-winning, easy-to-use, one-line-code ad-managing solution!

The story we are proud to share.


What is the Single Tag?


At its core, the Single Tag is a piece of code, just one line, in fact, that publishers integrate into the head of their website or tag manager. Fancy, right? No tiresome pasting code lines on every page, no bulky installation instructions. Place this one line of code on your website just once, lay back, and enjoy the ride. Once nestled in, this tag rings up Refinery89’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) – code delivery! And then it sweeps through web pages making sure display, video, and native ad units get their moment in the spotlight, all thanks to a server-side header bidding performance.

Now, let’s talk serious business of data collection. In our digital age, where even your toaster and robotic vacuum cleaner collect your data, the Single Tag ensures that your website complies with the regulations. It activates Refinery89’s Consent Management Platform (CMP) – so you’re 100% compliant with the local regulation where it’s necessary. However, the publishers are free to choose between our platform and their own solution.

Keep your eyes open! This technology is not just about automation. It hands power back to the experts. Performance specialists can manage all these elements from a centralized dashboard, allowing for the facile activation or deactivation of placements, changing ad unit positions within pages, activating the CMP, and optimizing viewability via lazy loading.

What will publishers like the most? They can still work within our Server Side Platform and header bidding arrangement, for optimized demand and delivery, with no hard feelings or strings attached!


Why Publishers Should Jump Onboard


The primary allure of the Single Tag solution is its sheer scalability, and the numbers speak for themselves. Over 700 international publishers are already with us, enjoying the view of their revenue numbers clicking up. Do you have this uncomfortable feeling that you are missing out on simplification of your ad operations, placements optimization, and revenue growth while maintaining complete control? Well, you do indeed! Because the Single tag is the solution you’ve been looking for, and you are still not using it. Reach out right away!

And here is why:


Simplified Operations and Maximum Scalability.

No more juggling multiple tags or complicated setups. One tag does it all. With automated processes and centralized control, you can stop worrying and focus on content creation and audience engagement.

Data Compliance Made Easy.

GDPR compliance is a major concern for European and US publishers. If publishers choose so, Refinery89’s built-in CMP ensures that user consent is handled without you having to lift a finger.

Optimized User Experience.

With features like lazy loading, publishers can ensure faster page loads, which translates to better user experience, happier users as a result, and higher ad viewability rates.


The Refinery89 Edge: Single Tag Unique Offerings


While the Single Tag solution in itself is a game-changer, what truly sets Refinery89 apart are three distinctive features tailored with you in mind:


Single Tag Chrome Contact Support Plugin.

Nothing is more frustrating for publishers than encountering issues and not having immediate support. With the Chrome Contact support plugin, help is just a click away. This feature ensures that publishers can reach out to the support team anytime and receive personalized attention. This not only reduces downtime but also facilitates swift problem resolution.


Geo Tag for Strategic Ad Monetization.

Not all traffic is created equal. Some territories might be more profitable for publishers, while others might not align with their monetization strategy. The Geo Tag feature enables publishers to focus on specific territories, maximizing their revenue potential.


Single Tag & Google MCM Partnership

If our publisher managing Google Ad Manager (GAM) and doesn’t feel like letting it go just yet, Single Tag has it all covered. As a Google MCM partner, we’re fully equipped to integrate with existing GAM accounts. This means we can enhance publisher’s setup with AdX, Server Side Header Bidding, Amazon TAM, or any combination of these services to their heart’s content. Up to 40 different connections are within reach of our publishers at once.

Our goal is to empower and put our publishers’ interests first by providing the full potential of our network, and ensuring that you get the most out of your Google Ad Manager. All demands are in one place, without our publishers even approaching their lap- and desktops.


With Sigle Tag we monetize ads. You live life.


Still here with us? There is one more feature of the Single Tag we want to discuss. And it’s not a techy thing. It’s …you! Your life, actually! Using Single Tag you save time to spend with your family, friends, or favorite pet!

Refinery89’s Single Tag Programmatic Solution offers publishers hope for a freer life by fusing simplicity with sophistication and unique features.

Refinery89 is a must-have partner for any serious publisher.

Join the revolution and be part of a community that’s shaping the future of digital publishing.

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