CMP. Why do Publishers Care?

What is a CMP for Publishers?

A CMP is a system designed to handle users’ consent data, ensuring compliance with data protection laws like GDPR and CCPA. It’s not just about legal compliance; it’s about building trust with your audience by respecting their privacy choices. For publishers, this means balancing monetization strategies with user consent. This task can be onerous but is essential in today’s digital ecosystem. Because data privacy and user consent are paramount concerns of many, a Consent Management Platform (CMP) is crucial for publishers. Especially if you are an EU or USA-based publisher. CMPs serve as a vital tool in navigating the challenging landscape of user consent and data protection regulations.


Prioritizing CMP: Data Protection and Compliance

Recognizing the importance of effective consent management, Refinery89 is proud to introduce our initiative. Partnering up with Consent Management Provider (CMP) 🍪 we landed a more robust, scalable, and multiplatform CMP for our publishers.


Seamless Transition, Enhanced User Experience

Nowadays, our publishers are already experienced, mind you! without any additional actions on their part, the new more intuitive, and user-friendly CMP.


Why Choose this CMP?

  1. Data Protection: Our new CMP with Consent Management Provider (CMP) 🍪 offers improved data security, and handles user consent data with the highest level of care.
  2. Insightful Analytics: Our publishers gain deeper insights into CMP performance on their sites, empowering them to optimize consent management and ad monetization.
  3. Enhanced Cookie Control: Experience better control over advertising cookies, leading to a smoother and more user-friendly browsing experience for your audience.
  4. Global Compliance: Easily adhere to various local regulations from a unified system, simplifying your compliance process.
  5. Consent Optimization: Utilize advanced tools to fine-tune consent processes, ensuring legal compliance and respecting user preferences.


Our Commitment to Publishers

Here at Refienry89 we always put our publishers’ interests first. Our focus remains on holding the highest standards of data privacy and consent management, continually improving the performance of their sites.

If you have any questions about CMPs or wish to switch to our managed solution, our support team is ready to assist. At Refinery89, your success and data integrity are our top priorities.

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