GA4 traffic decrease

Cosa sta succedendo al tuo traffico GA4!? Non preoccuparti!

Are your GA4 traffic and other metrics going doooown? We know this situation can be frustrating, but no need to panic. Let’s unwrap the possible reasons for this nightmare and what we can do to turn the situation around.

Keep calm and keep on reading.


Google Algorithm Updates can affect your traffic


“What has happened to my ranking?” if you are asking yourself this question, know you are not alone. Many website owners face this sour scenario where they lose traffic and online visibility, especially after updates in search engines algorithm.

In March 2024 for example, Google carried out not one, but two major updates: the Core Update for Helpful Content and the Spam Updatewhich are not leaving anyone indifferent.

The outcomes? Well, a website with detailed and well-researched articles is now on the red carpet and will get more visitors. But, oh boy, the website that shares basic or spammy low-quality content might as well be waving goodbye to their audience, because they’re not sticking around.


Key solutions:

  • Keep an eye on Google Search Core Updates every month.

  • Make the necessary SEO and technical changes on your website before it’s too late to apologize.

  • Stay tuned to our blog where we share all the trends and updates that can impact publishers.

  • If you are part of our publisher network, ask our team for tips and tricks to avoid all the drama.



Not only the end of third-party cookies is causing headaches to many of us, but also the rejection of cookies in consent forms is leaving scars among publishers.

So here is the thing: when a visitor comes to your page and rejects the consent form, you will not longer be able track their data on GA4, so you end up, well, blind.

In other words: No user consent = no tracking = drop in pageviews.


Key solution:

  • GA4 offers theModeled data” in Analytics which is an estimation of the user activity when identifiers such as cookies or user’s ID aren’t fully available. In this way, you can gain useful insights from your Analytics reports while respecting your user’s data.

    You can check if you already have this option available in your Analytics account: Admin> Data display >Reporting Identity>Blended (Modeling should be active, otherwise, you will get a notification saying is unavailable).

    To be eligible for machine learning, GA4 property, you should meet these prerequisites first.

Modeling Data GA4


Web redesign and updates


Let’s get something straight here. Google is NOT our enemy. The online universe is becoming more transparent, useful and respectful with all users as all these regulations and updates come out.

We can also be (not on purpose, of course) doing some things within our website that can be causing issues.

Significant changes to your website’s design, layout, or functionality can sometimes lead to drops in traffic and revenue if not executed properly.


Key solution:

  • Make sure that changes been made in your websites meets google best practices.

  • Check the status of your core web vitals before and after making changes on your website

  • “Des…pa…cito”. Avoid making too many changes at once, so you can detect the problem on time.

Still have doubts? No worries. Reach out to us for personal recommendations to improve your revenue and ranking. We are Google Certified Publishing Partners after all :sunglasses:

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