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Manual Initialization

Check a full implementation in the Demo Apps section.


How it works?

We fetch all units configurations from our Database and you simply need to place the units using the IDs we provide to you with the RefineryAdFactory. Incorporate them into the desired views. The factory methods works as follows:

          // Inside the onCreate of an Activity or Fragment
          val myWrapper = findViewById<ViewGroup>(R.id.myWrapper)
          RefineryAdFactory.createBanner("<provided-id>", myWrapper)

Check Ad formats to see how to do it with each format.

What is needed?

  1. Get started by creating an account with us. Contact us to initiate the process and provide all the necessary information listed below.

  2. Add the wrapper/trigger (transitions o button clicks) into your app.

  3. Add the Initialization code.

  4. Follow our ad format guides for their implementation.

    1. Get those wrappers or triggers from Activities or Fragments.

    2. Use RefineryAdFactory to display the ads.

  5. Your app is now prepared for monetization with us.

Information we require about your

  • Which formats do you intend to utilize? If you’re unsure about the formats, please refer to their dedicated pages or reach out for assistance by contacting us.

  • Store Link (Google o Apple one).

  • Domain of the app. E.g.: www.refinery89.com.

  • (Optional) Desired App Keywords.


At the end of the example you can find a template for production here.


If you are in Debug mode, please add these lines before any of the examples. Marking the SDK as Debug will make the SDK use ConfigBuilder ids and data.


Example in the Demo

The singleLine flag is set to false. Use the RefineryAdFactory to create and place the ADs in a ViewGroup.

          appContext = this,
          publisherId = "TestRefinery89ID",
          appId = "TestConfigDemoApp",
          singleLine = false


              appContext = this,
              publisherId = "<YOUR PUBLISHER ID>",
              appId = "<YOUR APP ID>",
              singleLine = false

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