Opportunities in the Polycrisis

Webinar “The Year in Review: Opportunities in the Polycrisis” by Ipsos


We have just a few days to go in 2023. While monetizing the last ads of this year, we took a moment to reflect on what we lived and what is about to come. Over the last 4 years, the general mood before the 1st of January is best expressed by this meme.


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Trying to keep our faces straight, we attended the Ipsos webinar “The Year in Review: Opportunities in the Polycrisis” to find out what experts in trends and predictions have to say about the future.

Here is what we learned from Michel Guidi (Chief Operating Officer of Ipsos), Aurélie Jacquemin (Chief Growth Officer), and Patrick Xiang (Marketing Director of Ipsos China). Special thanks goes to Simon Atkinson for the excellent organization and insightful public mood report.


Some take-outs on the future of markets, consumers’ behavior, and humanity itself. 2023 to 2024


  • We are all pretty well-equipped for self-annihilation: global warming, wars, political turmoil’s, crisis of democratic procedures. 75% of the population agrees that we are doomed if we don’t change our habits fast (climate-wise)
  • AI inherited all human biases and pet peeves. Roaming free without human intelligence at its core AI has already created curious, funny but also dangerous and unethical hiccups. The AI usage has to be keeping Human Intelligence in the loop with the evaluation frameworks. When professionals can access AI-generated content, train and engineer data.
  • The Shrinkflation Epidemic. All over industries brands diminish the amount of products in the package, asking for the same price. Consumers lost trust in the companies, and consider that brands should care more about the social side of the economy rather than their own profits.




Another reputable report seconds that (source: Accenture)



Despite this trust pit, 45% of people still believe that businesses are better at planning for the long-term future than governments. What worked in 2023 and will grow as a trend in 2024? IPSOS expert, Aurélie Jacquemin is sure of three things:

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Obvious? Probably. Simple to execute? Not at all. To successfully implement these principles brands should know their customers from head to toe and never stop asking and interacting with them.


Instead of conclusion


We don’t have a crystal ball to see if all these trends will result in revenue growth or in a plummeting world economy (fingers crossed!), or what is going to happen in 2024 on the political stage, as this year is already called a year of great elections.

But we know this much! At Refinery89 we will continue growing, revolutionizing the programmatic industry and monetizing ads, producing more and more happy publishers.

Want stability in these turbulent times? Contact us! We believe in hard work, which bears fruits, and that our ad monetization solution is exactly what every publisher needs to sleep soundly.


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