Consent Mode v2

Google Consent Mode V2: to panic or not to panic?

Consent Mode v2 is on air

No sooner had we started assimilating the third-party cookie cancellation than more news came from Google. Starting in Q1 of 2024 Google will require an update to Consent Mode v2, which means to have a certified (by Google, obviously) CMP platform to collect users’ tracking data. In light of the cookie cancellation it’s not surprising and, in a way, could have been expected.


Only a short while ago we held our webinar dedicated exactly to the topic of third-first-party data collection, so of course we addressed this question to our guest speaker Jan Winkler CEO of Here is what we learned first-hand from one of the most recognized experts in the field.



Consent Mode v2. All we need is CMP.


A brief intro. Google Consent Mode is a way Google receives a consent signal from your website. Basically, it allows you to determine if your website visitors have consented to Google using their personal information for advertising purposes, including tracking and customization.

So, users can let Google read their info or block it. As Google is the main gatekeeper under the DMA (Digital Markets Act) it has leverage and tries to address the issue of personal information sharing in the consent mode, which assures that users enable Google to track and measure them.

Right now, for publishers, it doesn’t make any difference if they have professional CMP installed. However, coming March 2024 Google will oblige publishers to use a consent mode with the Google-certified CMP. If they want to continue using Google tools (AdSense, GA4, Google Tag Manager, etc.) that is. So, the main challenge here: websites won’t be able to use open-source free CMP’s but will need professional tools if they want to go on tracking and analyzing users’ behavior.

Successful advertising hinges on precise performance measurement. Without consent, advertisers risk losing 30-60% of their data, with the extent varying across different industries. To that end implementing or updating the CMP to Consent Mode v2 is essential for businesses aiming to maintain the use of Google Ads in their marketing approach within the EEA markets.

What should I do about Consent Mode v2?


If you have already joined the family of Refinery89’s publishers and transferred to our CMP, you have nothing to worry about, just forget about this article altogether and grab a beer, we have already taken care of everything. We include this crucial update, as well as any other update, even less impactful, into the CMP we provide, so our publishers can focus on what is important: living their lives, while we are consenting users and monetizing ads.

If you are not with us yet reach out to us to get yourself up and perky by March 2024!

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