No cookies = revenue loss!? Publishers’ revenue after cookies’ demise

No cookies = revenue loss?

These days the online advertising world is boiling like a cauldron with speculations about both publishers’ and advertisers’ immediate future. Being the hottest question: “What will happen to publishers’ revenue?”

There are academic research papers that describe the doomed future for publishers’ earnings. Google’s research claims the average of 52% revenue decline spotted among top 500 publishers.


ad revenue loss

Here you can find more details and the conclusion drawn by the Google research group.

We decided to investigate the topic ourselves, though, as we deeply care about our publishers.

We gathered two experts who deal with publishers every day and asked them to analyze the revenue situation after cookies in our new webinar “No cookies = Revenue losses?”



Book your meeting with Jan Winkler CEO of and Robin de Wit CSO of Refinery89 and resolve your doubts about the future of your revenue flow.


We are going to talk about:

    • What publishers can expect in 2024 regarding the new privacy consent requirements?
    • Will DSA, DMA, and cookies phase-out affect publishers’ revenue?
    • Is there a direct correlation between cookies’ demise and revenue losses?
    • Learn about cookie-proof solutions like Contextual+ and techniques of Content Design that can help publishers and advertisers in a cookieless world.



Mon, Mar 11, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (CET)

Save your spot, ask all questions, and resolve all doubts about publishers’ revenue after cookies’ demise!

*webinar will be held in English.

We look forward to having you attend the event!

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