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Featured Snippets: make your content speak

These days, Featured Snippets form the indivisible part of SERP on Google. Users got used to receiving these short bits of easily digestible information sitting on “Position Zero” or at the very king top of the Google search results. However, when it comes to SEO, it’s a totally different game. Optimizing your content for Featured Snippets can be a heavy lifting. Here, we want to share techniques confirmed to bear the fruits of a high Google ranking. 


What are Featured Snippets? 

Featured Snippet is a brief and comprehensive answer to a user’s question directly on SERP that reduces link browsing time. Featured Snippets help Google improve search experience and keep users on the page. Usually, the information is sourced from sites that answer E-E-A-T criteria and provide valuable content. 

See this? This is a Featured Snippet about the Featured Snippets that might be featured in the Featured Snippets. 

So, let’s go ahead and talk about this Google search feature, its ups, and pitfalls, but most of all, what we can do about it SEO-wise, structuring the content and using it to our advantage. 


The Perks and The Hurdles

The Perks:

 Increased Visibility. 

Featured snippets occupy the coveted “position zero,” which means even if your website isn’t the first organic result, it still might get top billing.

 Authority and Trust.

Earning a featured snippet is a nod from Google, signaling to users that your content is both authoritative and trustworthy.

Higher Click-Through Rates (CTR) 

After getting a taste of the answer from the snippet, many users will click through to the source to get a more detailed explanation or explore related topics.


The Hurdles:


The fight for position zero is intense. Every website wants to be featured, making it a continuous battle to stay on top.

No Guaranteed Traffic: 

Sometimes, the snippet provides enough information, and users don’t feel the need to click through to the website, which means you’ve provided the answer but haven’t gained a visitor.


The obvious perks of the “position zero” on Google SERP, however, are somewhat shaded by the intense competition and hazy criteria used by Google to give your page Authority and Trustworthiness. It is fair to say that gaining a Featured Snippet might be impossible for a small and new page, as it doesn’t rank high or has enough content to satisfy Google bots. 

But not to worry, here we are for you to help you every step of the way.

First, and the crucial thing to remember, the content is the king of the hill, and your page should be full of the relevant pieces before you release it to the mercy of crawling bots. The second, but no less essential, is to have your content already structured for Featured Snippets. In other words, go out armed and ready to seize an opportunity the moment it arises. 


Optimizing for Featured Snippets: Strategies That Work

How can we make Google’s robots use your content? Here, you have 9-step instructions to get your content talking. Beware, though, to keep your cards close to your chest and give just enough so the user has their answer but not too much so the user gets all they need and won’t go any further. Try to build up curiosity. 


Include a ‘What is’ Heading 

Begin with a heading like “What is [keyword]?” to signal the type of content that follows. Place this heading near the top, ideally right after an introductory paragraph. This heading structure often gains the snippet spot.

Use the ‘Is’ Sentence Structure 

Initiate your content with a statement like “[Keyword] is…” This structure acts as a beacon for Google’s crawlers. Most pages that win the snippet have this format in their content.

Concise Topic Definition 

In just 2-3 sentences, provide a comprehensive overview of the topic. Start with a definition, followed by key details or facts. This concise format fits Google’s preference for featured snippets.

Adopt the Right Snippet Format 

Observe the type of featured snippets on the search results – whether it’s paragraphs, bulleted lists, or tables. Replicate this format in your content.

Avoid Brand Names 

Exclude your brand name in the snippet content. With voice search on the rise, the text should sound generic, not promotional. For instance, instead of “ABC programmatic solutions,” say “Programmatic Solutions”

Avoid First-Person Language 

Steer clear of using words like “we” or “our.” Like brand names, first-person references might confuse voice search users.

Leverage HTML for Scaling 

Some featured snippets, especially lists, might be sourced from HTML header tags. Adjusting these tags can amplify your snippet-earning potential across multiple pages.

Focus on Top Ranking Content 

Content that already ranks in the top 5 has a better chance of earning a featured snippet. An Ahrefs study showed the first position had a 30.9% chance of getting the snippet. Prioritize optimizing these high-ranking pages.

Iterative Optimization 

Even after implementing the above strategies, you might not land the snippet immediately. This requires persistence. Continue refining your content, emphasizing clarity, conciseness, and relevance.

Optimizing for featured snippets demands a blend of strategic structuring and concise, relevant content. Prioritizing high-ranking content and persistently iterating your optimizations can significantly boost your chances of earning that prized snippet spot.


Using the Power of Featured Snippet Hubs

A ‘snippet hub’ is essentially a content page designed specifically to answer multiple related questions around a topic. It acts as a magnet for featured snippets. Create content that doesn’t just answer the primary question but also addresses related queries. This can be achieved using a thorough FAQ section or a well-structured guide. Google loves fresh content. Regularly update your hub to include new information, ensuring it remains a relevant source for users and Google alike.


Featured Snippets concluded

Featured snippets represent a unique intersection of user experience and SEO opportunity. While they come with their set of challenges, understanding their workings and adjusting your content strategy accordingly can lead to significant benefits. Remember, it’s not just about being concise; it’s about being the best answer to the question. Reach out to learn more about the specifics of featured snippets optimization for publishers. 


Happy optimizing!

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