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How can I start working with Refinery89?

Excited to monetize your ads in double speed? Count to three…

  1. Get in touch
    – Website: Fill this form and we will respond to you within 24 hours, check out your website and once approved send you the ads.txt and tag to implement in your head.
    -App: Fill this form and expect quick response from us.

  2. Implement our Single Tag solution on your site or our SDK on your app
    Get clear instructions and place our Single tag solution on your web. We make sure all ads will be placed optimally, and we always await your feedback.
    For SDK implementation, our team manages all the setup and you can count on our technical support along the way.

  3. Start monetizing!
    We connect your site or app and optimize your setup, giving you real time feedback. Monitor performance with our dashboard and receive monthly payments.

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