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The end of third-party cookies. What should I do now?

Well, there are some options on how to deal with the third-party cookies demise. Option 1: develop a brand new search engine, earn 297.133B dollars, and become an industry game-changer.

Sounds complicated?

Then, there is option 2: be smart about your marketing strategy minding changes that Google introduces next year, and be ready!

Here you have key points of our webinar dedicated to third-party cookies elimination. Short and concise summary of what you should know about new ways of gathering and tracking users’ data


No Third-Party Cookies: Do I still need a Cookie-Banner?

Yes, only 3rd Party Cookies will be removed – the first-party cookies & local storage still exist and all non-essential cookies require consent independently of the storage type.


Things that will certainly disappear?

Tracking of advertising activities
A click on website A cannot relate to a sale on website B.

Creating user profiles across sites
Visitors of website A with interests in “sports” can’t be tracked on website B by the same interests

Multi-domain shopping carts
If a user adds Aipods to the cart on the website, they can’t check out through the website The cart will be empty.

Multi-site logins
If a user logs in at website A, they can’t play games under the same log-in session on website B.


What should you do now? How to track the new data?



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