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5 Reasons to include independent publishers in Ad strategies

In the Publisher’s world, we find not only small, medium, and big players, but also independent Publishers and those that are part of bigger media groups.

At Refinery89, we have scanned the field of our #1 European Publishers network, covering all sizes, to determine the main challenges that these independent publishers face, and the opportunities they bring to brands and advertisers.

Curious to uncover our findings and explore the advantages of collaborating with independent publishers? Keep reading!


Independent Publishers, big challenges, huge opportunities


So, what did we discover? Well, surprise, surprise; all publishers, regardless of their size – except for “the giants” of course, aka the big media publishers – face similar problems. For example, lack of direct sales teams and AdOps professionals are some of the common issues knocking on their door.

At Refinery89, we are committed to putting Publishers interest first, and even more when it comes to protecting all publishers outside big media groups. Nowadays most digital ad spending – about 75% – goes to social media and search campaigns, with the rest spread across different types of advertising, like programmatic advertising. When it comes to the money that reaches publishers, most of it goes to the big guys, leaving the rest of the publishers with just a small slice of the pie.

We believe the game must change! Focusing more attention on independent publishers will bear benefits not only for these publishers but also for brands, advertisers alike.


The secret potential of independent publishers.


Let’s zoom in the top 5 advantages of working with independent publishers that should not be forgotten:


Supporting the local economy and passionate publishers

As an advertiser, you can do more than just promoting your product or service; you can also be investing in the heart of your community. It is like becoming a superhero by keeping the money in your own country, promoting the sustainable growth of publishers right where you live.

Remember, behind every piece of content that we readers enjoy, there is a talented person who dedicates their time but who also has to pay bills every month!


Building community trust


When brands support smaller publishers, they stand out as they become part of a community! This audience will see them as a brand that invests in their interests and values. Authenticity is crucial in today’s world and this connection creates a bond of trust towards your brand.


Preserving a free press


Independent publishers promote the circulation of ideas and provide a safe place for free speech. Besides, who else is going to cover stories or topics that may be overlooked by mass media but matter to you? Diverse voices continue to have a platform thanks to financial support through ads.


Targeted audiences for better results


We all love win-win situations, and this one doesn’t stay behind. Independent publishers can offer access to niche audiences and advertisers can benefit by reaching interest-based audiences. Result? Brands and advertisers achieve higher engagement and conversion rates, accesible by combining independent publishers with targeting technologies such as Contextual+ an AI interest based advertising solution.


Diversifying advertising strategy


Putting all your eggs in one basket? It’s not such a good idea. By relying only on social media and search campaigns, you limit the reach and impact of your campaigns. Instead, including local independent publishers in your advertising strategies can maximize your brand’s visibility and relevance in new channels.


Our CSO, Robin de Wit, who participated in the techy Conectados event in Madrid to speak on this topic, stated:

Supporting independent publishers is crucial—they stimulate local economies and form unique communities. Since many publishers aren’t experts in website money-making, we are happy to help our growing network of publishers by providing them with innovative monetization solutions while they focus on their true passion: delivering great content.


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